Per­formance bonuses motivate employees

The collective ag­­reement for employees working for Han­­sel from 1 April 2023 to 31 March 2025 between Han­­sel and the Federation of Pro­­fessional and Mana­gerial Staff YTN has been signed. The col­lective agree­ment states that the amount and criteria of the per­formance bonus are deter­mined annual­ly by Hansel’s Board of Directors. All per­manent emp­loyees are covered by the per­formance bonus scheme af­ter a six-month trial pe­riod.

Decisions on the performance bonus are made annually by the company’s Board of Directors, which in turn follows the Government’s ownership steering principles. The chair­ of the Board reports on the company’s remuneration policy and management remuneration to the shareholders at the annual general meeting. As the owner of the company, the Government expects the com­pany to integrate corporate responsibility into the remuneration policy. The performance bonus for an employee of Hansel can be up to 15% of their an­nual salary. For a member of the Executive Committee, it can rise to up to 30% of the annual salary based on exceptional performance. Performance bonuses are paid in arrears in connection with the April pay­day, and the payment requires the employee to have a valid employment contract on the date of payment.

“For many employees, sustainability has been determined as a performance bonus criterion in their personal goals.”

Those who are not members of the Executive Committee can also receive a one-­off bonus, ran­ging from EUR 300 to EUR 3,000. The one-­off bonus may be awarded by the Mana­ging Director based on parti­cularly good per­formance, and it is paid on the next payday following its award.

Management per­formance bonus cri­teria include the use of joint procu­rement, customer satisfaction, personnel satisfaction, the imple­mentation of the growth strategy (positive operating result) and sustainability. The performance bonus criteria for other employees are partly the same: the use of joint pro­curement, the imple­mentation of the growth strategy (positive operating result) and custo­mer satisfaction. A total of 7% of the per­formance bonus is linked to the emp­loyee’s personal goals. For many employees, sustainability has been determined as a performance bonus cri­terion in their personal goals.


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