Growth strategy

The first year of the growth strategy for 2023–2026 was completed. The name spoke for itself, and growth was fast. The target set for the entire strategy period was an increase of half a billion euros in joint procurement, and 53% of this target, or EUR 270 million, had already been achieved by the end of the first year.

The story is unfolding as it should: first, the integration strategy was implemented and a framework for future growth was created by preparing contracts for the entire Finnish public administration. This growth led to the achievement of the second target: Hansel’s result became positive. Making a profit is not our primary aim. The revenue side is therefore reduced by lowering service fees, which in turn reduces the prices customers pay for products and services. Taxpayers benefit from this indirectly. Part of the profit is invested in the company through various development projects to make procurement even smoother for the customers.

Finland’s new Government Programme for 2023–2027 calls for strong savings measures, and joint procurement is seen as an important tool in this effort. Hansel’s owners raised the target level and asked the company in the autumn of 2023 for new scenario calculations on whether Hansel’s strategic growth target could be increased from an increase of half a billion euros in the use of joint procurement to one billion euros. Two scenarios were completed in November and December, and at the owners’ meeting on 13 December 2023, it was concluded that an increase of one billion euros in the use of joint procurement by 2028 would be possible.

“It was concluded that an increase of one billion euros in the use of joint procurement by 2028 would be possible.”

Growth in the coming years will be significant, but will be partly limited by the expected values of the joint procurement contracts, which cannot be exceeded during the contract period. Higher growth will therefore be sought particularly between 2026 and 2028. The growth will require strong support from the owners and successes in large joint procurement procedures in particular, as well as investments in the personnel and digital services.

The growth strategy vision is to be the preferred procurement partner for our customers, and the strategy is based on the added value offered to them. Our operations must be ethical and efficient, while providing an excellent service experience. Sustainability will continue to be one of our strengths – in this strategy period, we will focus in particular on the monitoring of sustainability requirements and on related communications. In terms of the personnel, our ambition is “know-how, appreciation, discussion and fun”.


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