Managing Director’s review

Increased use of joint procurement introduces savings

In 2023, the new government term also brought with it a new Government Programme, in which the Government strongly emphasises the need for cost savings, presenting joint procurement as one of the ways to achieve them. As the only central contracting entity serving the entire public administration, we are naturally heavily involved in these efforts.

We employ skilled specialists with extensive experience in public procurement. With our customers, we can identify the areas where the use of joint procurement can be most effectively boosted. Through professional tendering, we can deliver affordable contracts of a high quality for the public administration. Cost savings can also be achieved when, as a joint contracting entity, we carry out the administrative work associated with competitive tendering and the management of contracts on behalf of other contracting entities. For example, we regularly monitor compliance with sustainability requirements and the performance and reliability of our contractual suppliers to ensure that everything goes according to plan during the preparation of a tendering process. We want to make our customers’ work on public procurement as easy as possible.

“We want to make our customers’ work on public procurement as easy as possible.”

An important moment at the beginning of 2023 was the launch of our new customers, the wellbeing services counties. During the year, we have made good progress in our cooperation with them, and all the wellbeing services counties have already taken advantage of our joint procurement services. This annual report includes a case study of the Wellbeing Services County of Lapland, which has used Hansel’s tendering service in addition to joint procurement and developed its procurement with Hansel.

I would like to thank our customers and our employees for the positive feedback. In 2023, customers gave us an overall rating of 4.19, with a fantastic score of 4.5–4.7 out of 5 for our different expert services. Our personnel satisfaction rate was excellent, showing a nice upwards curve. According to the survey results, the employees would be willing to recommend Hansel as an employer to people they know. The importance and effectiveness of public procurement is currently widely recognised in society. As a large and fast-growing central contracting entity, we bear a huge responsibility. Last year, the use of joint procurement procedures increased by around EUR 270 million, and in line with our strategy, we will also continue to seek significant growth in the coming years.

Our vision is to be our customers’ preferred procurement partner, and in line with the Government Programme, we are currently especially emphasising on delivering cost savings for Finland. Let’s continue to complete successful procurement procedures together!

Anssi Pihkala
Managing Director


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