Develop­ment of joint procurement

2023 was a calmer year in terms of the opening up of joint procurement to competition. A total of 19 new joint procurements entered into force (11 framework agreements, 6 dynamic purchasing systems and 2 small-scale procurements). 522 contracts with suppliers were signed, and 392 requests to participate in dynamic purchasing systems were processed. There were 198 contract amendments.

At the end of 2023, we were able to offer 74 framework agreements and 52 dynamic purchasing systems for our customers. A total of 28 small-scale procurement services was available. There were 1,007 contractual suppliers, of which 59% were SMEs. The contractual suppliers had more than 2,500 subcontractors.

Joint procurement by category

Thousand euros 2023 2022 2021 2020 2019
Vehicle and logistics services 104,882 80,095 97,471 102,520 97,113
Expert services 198,369 151,800 127,634 143,459 135,006
Food and restaurant services 107,638 94,586 86,308 76,128 25,779
Energy 206,725 212,886 107,122 63,107 82,381
HR and health services 145,180 113,777 90,690 73,435 78,008
IT hardware 146,653 112,903 90,937 89,826 76,275
Furniture and office services 108,888 86,375 84,006 60,214 44,944
Data centre services and hardware 44,237 34,184 45,361 60,997 60,279
Travel and meeting services 78,550 59,437 20,477 25,313 97,917
Software 187,456 167,933 115,136 62,084 53,450
­­Cleaning services and supplies 65,847 54,683 52,079 46,323 39,232
Financial and financing services 102,250 73,579 66,398 56,880 52,105
Data communications 59,174 47,754 34,811 25,714 32,156
Security technology and related services 36,820 33,280 33,112 29,969 25,028
Total 1,592,670 1,323,273 1,051,541 915,970 899,673

The categorisation of joint procurement was changed as the result of an organisational change in the autumn of 2019. There are now 14 categories instead of 17. In reporting, data has been retrospectively exported under the new categories.

Joint procurement, top 15

Thousand euros 2023
Resale of Microsoft licences 178,032
IT consulting 149,536
Electricity 110,210
Occupational healthcare services 103,042
Food and non-food products 96,546
Computers 92,880
Hardware leasing services 78,068
Fuels 60,311
Textbooks 45,533
Cleaning services 44,496
HR services 42,020
Vehicles 40,252
Voice solutions 30,828
Fuel purchases from petrol stations 29,092
Mobile devices 25,309
Others total 466,513
Total 1,592,670

Support for joint procurement

The ease of use of joint procurement was improved by developing joint procurement procedures and guidance on preliminary reports, and by organising minicompetition information events and webinars for customers on topics such as food, laboratory supplies, protective equipment, refuelling with a charge card, electric vehicle charging stations, waste management services, car maintenance services, travel agency services, voice solutions and fuel tank deliveries. In addition, an information event for customers about how to join a joint procurement procedure and an event for suppliers on how to apply for participation in a dynamic purchasing system were arranged.

We also arranged an ICT Day with over 500 participants in November. In 2023, the procurement support unit assisted customers in 120 minicompetitions (127 in 2022). The customer satisfaction rating for minicompetition support was 4.5 out of 5.

“At the end of 2023, we were able to offer 74 framework agreements and 52 dynamic purchasing systems for our customers.”

At the beginning of December, we launched a new feature on to make the service easier to use for our contractual suppliers. In future, all amendments to contracts will be made via an online form and the progress of the proposed amendment and the grounds for decisions made can be viewed at An updated information package for contractual suppliers was also published in the e-service.

New carefully considered healthcare and social welfare joint procurement procedures

In line with our growth strategy, we launched a strategic project on joint procurement in the field of healthcare and social welfare at the beginning of 2023, where we believe that we can deliver effectiveness and significant added value to our customers.

During the year, possibilities for joint procurement in housing services were explored, among other areas. We met most of the potential customers, gaining valuable additional information about customer requirements for the upcoming tendering project. A new joint procurement procedure for laboratory supplies, chemicals and equipment was also completed in the spring of 2023. This joint procurement is widely available to our different customers.

In 2024, the project will be continued by implementing a healthcare and social welfare joint procurement tendering project. Our goal is to make joint procurement of housing services available to our customers by the end of 2024.

Supplier audits

In the case of joint procurement, Hansel and the customer have the right to audit the conformity of the product or service and the conformity of the contracted supplier’s performance during the contract period. The audit may also be performed by an independent third party.

Hansel exercised this audit right twice in 2023. Follow-ups of both audits are still pending.

Restrictive measure audits

The war in Ukraine continued to influence public procurement, and we carried out restrictive measure audits of our contracted suppliers. The audits covered both the Council Regulation concerning restrictive measures in respect of actions undermining or threatening the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine and Article 5 of the Council Regulation concerning restrictive measures in view of Russia’s actions destabilising the situation in Ukraine.

An external auditor ensured that no responsible persons or beneficiaries of the contractual suppliers in Hansel’s joint procurement were on the sanctions lists. In April, we also sent a questionnaire to our contractual suppliers to obtain their assurance that there were no persons on the sanctions list among their owners or the beneficiaries or responsible persons of their subcontractors. The contractual suppliers were also asked to confirm that they, their owners, subcontractors and main suppliers were not Russian citizens or legal persons established in Russia.


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