Better induction

The aim of Hansel’s induction is that every­one receives a fair and compre­hensive orientation at the start of their employment. With a high-quality induction, we ensure that the emp­loyee is part of the work com­munity from the very start and can quickly and effectively start their work. Good induction also pro­motes sa­fety and well-­being at work.

Hansel wants to ensure that new emp­loyees are properly familiarised with their work and working environ­ment. The induction of a new emp­loyee at Hansel is the responsibility of their super­visor, but naturally the supervisor does not have to actually handle all the orientation activities themselves, as Hansel has support materials that can be used to support the induc­tion process. The ma­terials were renewed and restructured in 2023. The tools to support induction include an induc­tion card, an online induc­tion course and a company-­wide induction program­me.

“Hansel wants to ensure that new employees are properly familiarised with their work and working environ­ment.”

Getting started with on­line induction

We comple­ted our first on­line course at the end of the year, and it has been well re­ceived by new and senior employees alike. The online in­duction course ma­de the induction process more fle­xible, as part of it can be done independently. It also saves the super­visor’s time because they do not have to go through the same mat­ters with each new employee. The on­line induction helps us ensure that all new employees have a con­sistent level of knowledge and skills when they start their work. During the online course of around 20 minutes, the emp­loyee explores the following areas at their own pace:

  1. Hansel as a company
  2. Sustainability
  3. General emp­loyment mat­ters
  4. Employee well-being
  5. Communication and social media

In addition to online induction, we have reformed our in-­house induction programme to comply with our current needs. The number of emp­loyees is growing, and thanks to the hyb­rid working model, we have emp­loyees from all over Finland, which is why the in­duction program­me will be condensed to two days.

Induction days give the new employee the opportunity to talk to representatives from different units and to get to know their new colleagues. The orientation into the working culture and being a Hansel employee is expected to re­sult in a stronger organisational culture, a stronger sense of job relevance and improved inter­action.


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